Although vacations are generally associated with the summer months, more and more people are also organizing vacation trips in autumn, winter and early spring. When the weather outside is not very optimistic and the prospect of sunbathing is very distant, the need arises to change surroundings and recharge your batteries in a beautiful natural environment. Tourists who crave high temperatures should consider going to the Costa del Sol. In addition to wonderful weather, fabulous beaches and stunning views, there are also unique monuments, excellent local cuisine and a number of attractions that will keep recreation enthusiasts entertained and active.

In Marbella, the Christmas season lasts all year round

If you are in the planning phase of your vacation, you should consider one of the most attractive destinations on the Spanish Costa del Sol. Of course, we are talking about Marbella, a famous tourist center that is visited by crowds of tourists every year. This place enjoys a great reputation among travelers in Europe, which is confirmed by the title of “Best European Destinations” that it was awarded this year. Up to half a million people from 182 countries participated in the plebiscite. Marbella ranked 2nd in the ranking of the best European tourist destinations. It should be noted that it was the only Spanish city that was among the top twenty in the ranking. Why is the resort so popular with tourists? There are at least several reasons. The main attraction here is the excellent climate. Suffice it to mention that there are more than 300 days of sunshine a year here! This means that, regardless of the date of our planned trip, we can count on a powerful dose of vitamin D.

Various attractions and developed infrastructure

Marbella offers visitors a multitude of attractions. The real pride of the city is its beaches, of which there are 27! We can choose both party places with numerous beach bars where the party lasts until dawn, as well as places with a perfect atmosphere for those seeking rest and tranquility. Marbella is also an ideal base for visiting the region’s emblematic monuments. Nearby are the most characteristic points on the map of Andalusia, such as the masterpiece of Arab architecture, the Alhambra, the hanging houses of Cuenca and cities with a rich history: Cádiz, Seville and Granada. The Costa del Sol, and especially Marbella, will also satisfy lovers of active leisure. Here there are ideal conditions for practicing water sports and playing golf. The Costa del Sol is also known for its delicious gastronomy, rich in fish, seafood and specialties famous throughout Europe, such as paella, gazpacho and ajoblanco. Marbella also has a developed tourist infrastructure. The city is located near Malaga, where the international airport is located, which is undoubtedly a great convenience for travelers. Furthermore, Marbella has a wide range of accommodation options: we can stay not only in one of the luxury hotels, but also in a rented apartment or villa with a pool and a perfect view.

Perfect properties for a vacation

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